African Queens


What Is the true standard of beauty?

Is it measured by the length or texture of your hair? By the colour of your skin?

Tell me, what are the standards by which you gauge your understanding of beauty?

Because in a culture that heavily promotes a linear and limited perspective of beauty, we find that our you women who are trying to identify with beauty are beginning to look more like clones, than masterpieces crafted from the hands of a loving creator.

Where we have young girls telling their peers that they have to where they are in a certain style look a certain way dress a certain way talk with her way to be a certain way to conform to the standards of beauty that are imposed.

This however is that idea and an image that is torn down when we look at the beauty of our motherland Queens.

And through a period of self-love and people going back into understanding their history and then of developing a love for themselves After years and years of a self image that has been under stress and duress through years of oppression.

Now I say all of this only to compound the fact that beauty should not be just gauged by the outward appearance but exudes from something that’s even deeper from within.

And that’s why we have live for all of types and shades of beauty that we come across even as we take this time to celebrate our own

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