Mighty Men from the Motherland


From wherever you are and wherever you might be a need to stand up and represent for yourself and your people.

Why is it that people tend to think of other places such as you report it to your parents or friends or something exotic Island Fiji Bora Bora before the considering the mother land us all for vacation.

The reason why we can have such confidence behind the fact that we connect to the motherland is because we all are from there if we go down deep enough into the roots.

See the images that are real common to see in regards to Africa here to depict a reality but not necessarily the whole experience of the vastness of the place.

Yes there are children that die from hunger and from contaminated water there are things out there are places where it is a third world country as it is in other places even close to home.

That is what I mean you need to know that when you bring a friend to a conversation but a conversation about a rich culture place that is upset and that is said in the most of the many things that the rest of the world is appreciated and taken and adapted.

So what do we mean when we say Mighty Men?

Yes me what we mean exactly that my team in my team in the state you for themselves if they should have family there kids there their they’re people of loyalty and they make a difference in the community.


Going Back


So do you know I have what is called the motherland?

Having it pumping in my veins I’ve been beating in my heart I’ve been racing through my mind I’ve been living in my body.

As do we all and that is because the place of Africa is not called the cradle of civilization for nothing.

There is a strong belief in deep conviction that I have that every Human being on the face of the Earth as a part of him that feels connected in some way to Something in relation or act that has its origins in Africa.

So the main aspect an element that comes in the question is or what it what is the difference between Africa and the rest of the world in terms of how it is viewed.

What is the difference between how it is viewed and now it is in actual reality.

I know we’ve all seen the impoverished in the rundown the Raggedy aspect of Africa Western culture does a good job of taking that to provoke remorse and sympathy.

But in the long run it does benefit everyone to be able to look back in the seat the Royal in the Regal aspect of such a graceful and beautiful place.

Then so if it’s supposed to be going to have any point any topic any intention it would be for preparation for our minds and to go back To experience it to live it to taste it to see it and to remember it

Motherland Rhythms


There’s something distinctly unique about the rhythms of the motherland that makes everyone feel connected to them.

I find a man experience that the music from Africa and just from like gun native enjoyable and have you Have culture music unique to many coaches in Division II motherland and mediation in some of the Origins of different places different backgrounds different beliefs in different situations that people come into understanding when they come in during the time of music to go.

And so even as you travel to different places and maybe a college and maybe ride with other people to be able to come in to be able to participate in the serve through the music.

And to keep it up consistently and costly enough to be willing to grow and bear fruit.

And that food is enjoyed by those who are able to participate in the dancing at the celebration of the Rhythm the wonderful celebration that enables it to And sue for all the petitions that travel from near and far and wide to be able to come because it is something special about that happened during this experience.

So we’re about ready to wrap up early getting out of here and get me this afternoon to tell me this or feel good to sleep with than what was needed to promise to get it done.

Removing the count to the speed of the pace of the rhythm of the motion that needs is going to carry and continue through the music of musicians

African Queens


What Is the true standard of beauty?

Is it measured by the length or texture of your hair? By the colour of your skin?

Tell me, what are the standards by which you gauge your understanding of beauty?

Because in a culture that heavily promotes a linear and limited perspective of beauty, we find that our you women who are trying to identify with beauty are beginning to look more like clones, than masterpieces crafted from the hands of a loving creator.

Where we have young girls telling their peers that they have to where they are in a certain style look a certain way dress a certain way talk with her way to be a certain way to conform to the standards of beauty that are imposed.

This however is that idea and an image that is torn down when we look at the beauty of our motherland Queens.

And through a period of self-love and people going back into understanding their history and then of developing a love for themselves After years and years of a self image that has been under stress and duress through years of oppression.

Now I say all of this only to compound the fact that beauty should not be just gauged by the outward appearance but exudes from something that’s even deeper from within.

And that’s why we have live for all of types and shades of beauty that we come across even as we take this time to celebrate our own