Common Problems in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country like any other in the world. It is faced by a number of challenges that hinder it from growing to its full potential in terms of economy. However, the government is working hard and smart to come up with policies and systems that will help address the issues completely.

Here are some of the common problems that the country faces.


A large number of people from various parts of Tanzania are faced with numerous problems when it comes to health. Some are unable to maintain a health diet plan due to lack of food and money to do cultivation in their farms. However, there are non-governmental organizations that specialize in providing farm supplies such as fertilizers and free advice.



Most of the government bodies are run by unprofessional people who are corrupt. In some instances, you will fail to get services such as identification registration if you are not willing to part with a small amount of money. This vice has a gross negative impact on the economy and the image that the company portrays to the world especially to investors who would be willing to establish businesses in the country.

Finally, Tanzania is faced with lack of clean water supply in most parts despite the fact that there are many water bodies that the government can use to provide water to its citizens. It is imperative for the people of Tanzania to come together and address some of these issues for their own good.

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