Going Back


So do you know I have what is called the motherland?

Having it pumping in my veins I’ve been beating in my heart I’ve been racing through my mind I’ve been living in my body.

As do we all and that is because the place of Africa is not called the cradle of civilization for nothing.

There is a strong belief in deep conviction that I have that every Human being on the face of the Earth as a part of him that feels connected in some way to Something in relation or act that has its origins in Africa.

So the main aspect an element that comes in the question is or what it what is the difference between Africa and the rest of the world in terms of how it is viewed.

What is the difference between how it is viewed and now it is in actual reality.

I know we’ve all seen the impoverished in the rundown the Raggedy aspect of Africa Western culture does a good job of taking that to provoke remorse and sympathy.

But in the long run it does benefit everyone to be able to look back in the seat the Royal in the Regal aspect of such a graceful and beautiful place.

Then so if it’s supposed to be going to have any point any topic any intention it would be for preparation for our minds and to go back To experience it to live it to taste it to see it and to remember it

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