Mighty Men from the Motherland


From wherever you are and wherever you might be a need to stand up and represent for yourself and your people.

Why is it that people tend to think of other places such as you report it to your parents or friends or something exotic Island Fiji Bora Bora before the considering the mother land us all for vacation.

The reason why we can have such confidence behind the fact that we connect to the motherland is because we all are from there if we go down deep enough into the roots.

See the images that are real common to see in regards to Africa here to depict a reality but not necessarily the whole experience of the vastness of the place.

Yes there are children that die from hunger and from contaminated water there are things out there are places where it is a third world country as it is in other places even close to home.

That is what I mean you need to know that when you bring a friend to a conversation but a conversation about a rich culture place that is upset and that is said in the most of the many things that the rest of the world is appreciated and taken and adapted.

So what do we mean when we say Mighty Men?

Yes me what we mean exactly that my team in my team in the state you for themselves if they should have family there kids there their they’re people of loyalty and they make a difference in the community.


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