King Of The Jungle


Over in the plains of the jungles of Africa.

You’ll find a different types of systems of society that life can get a lot simpler where it’s either you’re of two classes..

Predator or prey…

And here in this western civilization was living in America that never heard of of predator vs. prey or the hunted versus the hunter is still told out.

The only difference is instead of being in literal terms it’s in the more figurative terms because it’s masked more cleverly in the economic structure.

Into further validate and prove this point we can look at the fact of why does the minority of individuals are control and direct the majority of the world’s wealth.

And as we can see that and we understand that the people perish for a lack of knowledge we can also see in this instance that knowledge has been withheld from people to keep them in bondage.

And even as we see that the lion is the king of the jungle in the animal kingdom.

And we can correlate the counterpart of that in current-day American living in society as the awakened and enlightened individual.

We can learn a lot by looking at the way of living that are the lines exemplify how they move in packs now to take care of the young and their elderly.

And how they only attack when provoked and when it is necessary for the safety and well-being of their pride.

That’s our motherland lesson for the day.

African Queens


What Is the true standard of beauty?

Is it measured by the length or texture of your hair? By the colour of your skin?

Tell me, what are the standards by which you gauge your understanding of beauty?

Because in a culture that heavily promotes a linear and limited perspective of beauty, we find that our you women who are trying to identify with beauty are beginning to look more like clones, than masterpieces crafted from the hands of a loving creator.

Where we have young girls telling their peers that they have to where they are in a certain style look a certain way dress a certain way talk with her way to be a certain way to conform to the standards of beauty that are imposed.

This however is that idea and an image that is torn down when we look at the beauty of our motherland Queens.

And through a period of self-love and people going back into understanding their history and then of developing a love for themselves After years and years of a self image that has been under stress and duress through years of oppression.

Now I say all of this only to compound the fact that beauty should not be just gauged by the outward appearance but exudes from something that’s even deeper from within.

And that’s why we have live for all of types and shades of beauty that we come across even as we take this time to celebrate our own

Welcome to the Motherland


Have you ever been to yet?

And I know and I firmly believe that you know exactly what I’m talking about when I said the mother Mad because I could not be talking about anything other than the one and only Mama Africa which everyone feels a part of home when they think of it.

Think about it they are African cultural contributions to the world science Arts Music and poetry all that have enriched an offset in inspired different cultures in different things that have Arisen in different parts of the world that are originated even in the motherland.

And so knowing that all the dots Connect into the city.

In the cities connect to the states in the states connect to the countries of the countries connect to the continent to continent connected to the world in the map and going back To the Cradle of society found in what we refer to as Africa but what was known as Ethiopia years and years ago.

And even realizing what we think about the history of the Ivory Coast in the Gold Coast where the ships that departed from the coast full of passengers coming to do some work.

Even as was described in Deuteronomy is described as the baggage that the children of that nation and the people were coming from, We’re going to enter into a panic and they were going to be brought over in ships because they had turned away from The Voice of the Lord their God.