The story of a leader


A leader in my opinion in a lease of the same capacity as someone who doesn’t miss so we have to retaliate based off of someone else.

To be able to make wise and calculated decisions about courses of action and things to speak into do and to put into effect.

To be able to send the motion for future plans even if the plans are to travel be taken back to the motherland which is the Cradle of humanity.

Ancient knowledge the timeline of all of the things that have been spoken for the Times past even years ago that are now coming to fruition and it seems that there’s still things up ahead.

To be able to live your life first as you then are put in positions to be able to influence others to the way that you live life from a posture of an ongoing hope for your future.

Not really given time and place and I had to put space for arguments And the negative a discussion and Narrative of disagreements And to not be able to come in between and stand in the gap.

Any opportunity to really put in some sweat tears and blood into this game because you’re right now the aroma of that which cannot be touched seems appealing.

And so tantalizing and so delicious and so warm and so fulfilling in the aroma in itself is even a blessing.

So let the cleansing and Rejuvenation in the refinement and the purification why are you even in close to as the steps are allowed down there.