What Tanzania Needs to Grow Economically

Tanzania is one of the best countries to live in in Africa. Unlike Kenya and her other neighbors, the incidents of insecurity are rare, though in some months especially around the festive season, they increase rapidly. Today, I will discuss some of the main factors and things that this great country needs to do in order to grow economically.

Elect True Leaders

The current crop of leaders in the country everything else but desirable. Take for example the president who is always coming up with policies and funny ideas on how to grow their business that are only good in paper but cannot be applied in real life. The people need to elect leaders who can deliver on their promises and understand what they are currently going through.


Have Policies

The country needs policies that will support the government as it plans to launch various economic programs across the country. Without that, the country will go to the dogs and most of the people will relocate to other parts of the world. Only the poor and less fortunate in the society will be left. In short, the government needs to work hard and come up with solid policies and plans on how to grow their country.

Finally, the country needs to stop rely too much on the western countries. They need to come up with ways of funding projects themselves, rely too much on aid will just harm their economy and leave the people more desperate.

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